The Lincoln Airport has parallel runways that are approximately 3,000 feet apart and oriented in a north-south configuration. The first parallel runway, Runway 18/36, is the longest, most prominent runway at 12,901 x 200 feet and is located on the west side of the airport. The second parallel runway, Runway 17/35, is the shorter runway at 5,800 x 100 feet and is located on the east side of the airport. The crosswind runway, Runway 14/32, is located in the center of the airport and measures 8,640 x 100 feet.

Information on the runways can also be found in the North Central U.S. Chart Supplement and on the local ATIS (118.05) which broadcasts “Ensure correct runway lineup. Runway 17/35 is the shorter, parallel runway 3,000 feet east of Runway 18/36.” The LNK approach images below may also be of assistance.

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While high-profile runway safety incidents involving commercial (Part 121) aircraft make the headlines, data shows that general aviation (GA) pilots are involved in a vast majority of these events. One of the common contributing factors to these pilot errors is a lack of awareness or misunderstanding of local runway and taxiway configurations.

To help reduce the occurrence of wrong surface incidents, runway incursions, and other high-risk events at U.S. airports, the FAA has developed the “From the Flight Deck” YouTube video series, that is targeted to GA audiences. Lincoln Airport is featured in the initial roll-out of these videos. View the video by clicking on the graphic to the left.