lnkvsomaTake the LNK vs. OMA Challenge

Is it really cheaper to fly from OMA instead of LNK? It’s time for a head-to-head comparison to find out. While the airlines in OMA often have lower ticket prices, usually the cost to fly out of the Lincoln Airport is comparably priced (and sometimes less expensive) when you start to consider other expenditures. Factor in the conveniences of flying out of LNK: closer to work &┬áhome, easier parking, and shorter security lines… there’s really no question, flying from LNK is the right option!

Ready to put our theory to the test? Take the LNK vs. OMA Challenge below!

LNK/OMA Challenge

  • LNK - Lincoln

  • OMA - Omaha

  • Calculate how much it's costing you to drive to and from the airport using the standard federal rate for cost per mile.

    Calculate the value of your time spent getting to and from the airport. The dollar amount should be the hourly rate your time is billed at or worth to you.

    This includes additional expenses such as lodging, food, shuttle services, etc.

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