The Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program allows the collection of PFC fees up to $4.50 for every enplaned passenger at commercial airports controlled by public agencies. PFCs are capped at $4.50 per flight segment with a maximum of two PFCs charged on a one-way trip or four PFCs on a round trip, for a maximum of $18 total. Airports use these fees to fund FAA-approved projects that enhance safety, security, or capacity; reduce noise; or increase air carrier competition.  For additional information on the FAA PFC program, please visit:

The following link provides key PFC statistics for Federal Aviation Airports:

If you are interested in knowing what types of projects LNK would be funding with this current PFC application please click on the following link to our Air Service Carrier Notice sent April 20, 2016.  Air Service Carrier Notice