Agenda – September 19, 2013

A copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for public reference at the back of the Board Room


  1. Minutes of August 22, 2013 meeting
  2. Airline Reports
    1. Delta – Dawn Betz
    2. United Express – Jacque Hansen
    3. Air Service Committee Report
    4. Outline for the Industrial Marketing Plan Presentation
    5. Accept Fiscal Year 2013 Audit
    6. Resolution No. 579 –Reimburse Certain Capital Expenditures from the Proceeds of Future Tax-Exempt Obligations
    7. Approve Landing Fee Agreement with Endeavor Air
    8. Approve Commercial Net Building and Ground Lease with the State of Nebraska Department of Administrative Services, State Building Division on behalf of the Nebraska State Patrol for Building No. 865 in Lincoln Air Park West
    9. Approve Addendum to Air Host Agreement
    10. Award Bid for electrical work in the main terminal
    11. Award Bid for conduit installation in General Aviation areas for Airfield Security
    12. Award Bid for “A” Row Vault Completion Work


Staff Reports

  1. August 2013 Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
  2. Briefing Items