Agenda – October 23, 2014


Airport Authority Board Meeting

Lincoln Airport – Board Room

Thursday, October 23, 2014

11:30 AM


A copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for public reference at the back of the Board Room

  1. Minutes of September 25, 2014 meeting
  2. Airline Reports
  3. Delta – Dawn Betz
  4. United Express – Jacque Hansen
  5. Air Service Committee Report
  6. Approve Agreement with Advanced Engineering Systems for State Crime Lab Building No. 1342
  7. Approve Agreement with Benesch for Design and Bid of next year’s sealcoat for Runway 14/32
  8. Reimbursable Agreement w/ RLC for Airport Authority
  9. Resolution No. 594; Amending the Amended & Restated Lincoln Airport Authority Retirement Plan and Trust.
  10. Resolution No. 595; Amending the Airport Authority of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska Deferred Compensation Plan
  11. Award Bid to Lee Sapp for replacement of fleet vehicle
  12. Approve Industrial Park Logo and Name
  13. Approve Roof Replacement on Building No. 1150

Staff Reports

  1. Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
  2. Briefing Items