Agenda – May 28, 2015

Airport Authority Board Meeting
Lincoln Airport – Board Room
Thursday, May 28, 2015
11:30 AM

A copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for public reference at the back of the Board Room

1. Minutes of March, 2015 meeting

2. Swearing in of new Board Members

3. Election of Authority Officers as Chairperson, Assistant Chairperson, Secretary and Assistant Secretary.

4. Committee Assignments – Chairperson; Budget/Personnel Committee: Buildings / Equipment

5. Airline Reports a. Delta – Dawn Betz b. United Express – Jacque Hansen

6. Air Service Committee Report

7. Approve Landing Fee Agreement with Trans States Airlines.

8. Approve Concession Agreement with Enterprise Rent A Car Midwest LLC d/b/a Alamo Rent A Car National Car Rental.

9. Approve Concession Agreement with Enterprise Rent A Car Midwest LLC d/b/a Enterprise Rent A Car.

10. Approve Concession Agreement with Avis Rent A Car System LLC.

11. Approve Concession Agreement with The Hertz Corporation.

12. Approve Concession Agreement with Easy Car Rental Company of Lincoln d/b/a Budget Rent A Car.

13. Approve License Extension Agreement No. 1 (Recreational Facilities) with the City Of Lincoln.

14. Approve Application for Federal Funds Project 3-31-0050-51, Sealcoat Runway 14/32; Taxiways K, N, P.

15. Approve Resolution # 597; Authorizing Executive Director to accept Grant Offer from the Federal Aviation Administration for Project 3-31-0050-51.

16. Award Bid Subject to FAA Concurrence in Award and the acceptance of a Grant Offer, for the Sealcoat of Runway 14/32; Taxiways K, N, P.

17. Award Proposal for the provision and installation of a window retrofit to the North and South sterile areas, dining room, lounge and Flyers Club.

18. Approve Elevator Upgrades in the Terminal and Parking Garage.

19. Award Bid for T-Hangar Concrete Improvements for Project GA-15-03.

Staff Reports
a. Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
b. Briefing Items