Agenda – March 26, 2015


Airport Authority Board Meeting

Lincoln Airport – Board Room

Thursday, March 26, 2015

11:30 AM


A copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for public reference at the back of the Board Room


  1. Minutes of February, 2015 meeting
  2. Airline Reports – Delta – Dawn Betz and United Express – Jacque Hansen
  3. Air Service Committee Report
  4. Approve Commercial Building and Ground Lease Building No. 956 with Prairieland Foods.
  5. Approve Ground Lease For Fire Station #11 Building No. 2520
  6. Approve Commercial Net Building and Ground Lease Building No. 975 with Central States Reprocessing.
  7. Approve Sublease for Building No. 975 between Central States Reprocessing and NE LTAP.
  8. Approve Construction Resolution for Building 1500 Bay A
  9. Award Bid for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Replacement
  10. Award Bid for Rotary Flex-Wing Mower Replacement 20’

Staff Reports

  • Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
  • Briefing Items