Agenda – July 25, 2013

Airport Authority Board Meeting

Lincoln Airport – Board Room

Thursday, July 25, 2013

11:30 AM

A copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for public reference at the back of the Board Room

Minutes of June 27, 2013 meeting


  • Airline Reports
    1. Delta – Dawn Betz
    2. United Express – Jacque Hansen
    3. Air Service Committee Report
    4. Swear in recently elected Board Member
    5. Approve Commercial Net Building and Ground Lease with Platte County Emergency Management, dba East Central PTE Region for Building No. 2098
    6. Approve Contract with United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services (APHIS-WS)
    7. Approve Marketing / Consulting Contract with Ware Malcomb
    8. Approve Real Estate Listing Agreement with Lund Company
    9. Approve Application for Federal Fund for Project 48 Runway 18-36 Design
    10. Approve FAA Grant Offer for Project-49, Acquisition of Airport Plow/Sweeper
    11. Approve Bid of M-B Companies for Acquisition of Airport Plow/Sweeper
    12. Approve Memorandum of Understanding with Hexagon Lincoln for Preliminary Design Work for a New Building
    13. Approve Agreement with Davis Design for Design Services for a New Building in LAPW Rail Center


Staff Reports

  1. June 2013 Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
  2. Briefing Items