Agenda – February 28, 2013

Airport Authority Board Meeting
Lincoln Airport – Board Room
Thursday, February 28, 2013, 11:30 AM

A copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for public reference at the back of the Board Room

  1. Minutes of January 24, 2013 meeting
  2. Airline Reports
    • Delta – Dawn Betz
    • United Express – Jacque Hansen
  3. Air Service Committee Report
  4. Approve Lease Addendum Appendix “H” Building No. 1480 with Duncan Aviation, Inc.
  5. Approve Lease Addendum Appendix “I” Building No. 948 with Duncan Aviation, Inc.
  6. Approve Commercial Net Ground Lease with Transportation Specialists, Ltd.
  7. Approve Commercial Net Ground Lease with Central States Reprocessing, LLC.
  8. Approve Lease Addendum No. 3 with Daitron, Inc.
  9. Approve Commercial Net Building and Ground Lease with James Enterprise, Inc. for Building No. 300 Area “C” Comprised of Bays 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  10. Approve Resolution No. 569 – Revising and Establishing the Method By Which The Board Gives Reasonable Advance Publicized Notice Of The Time And Place Of Its Meetings.
  11. Approve Commercial Ground Lease with Nebraska Region Sports Car Club of America, Inc.
  12. Approve Bid for Rail Repair and Upgrades Related to Sadoff Iron Project
  13. Approve Bid for Water and Sewer Line Installation Related to Sadoff Iron Project
  14. Approve Lease Addendum with Sensory Effects for Tenant Requested Building Modification-HVAC Installation
  15. Approve Contract with Davis Design for Design of HVAC System in Building No. 1270 For Sensory Effects
  16. Award Bid for Terminal Building Janitorial Contract
  17. Accept Additional Grant Funds from Department of Energy for CNG Storage Tanks
  18. Award Bid – CNG (Grant Amendment)
  19. Approve Agreement Extension with United Airlines
  20. FAA Study Update
  21. Staff Reports
    • January 2013 Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
    • Briefing Items