Agenda – December 10, 2015


Airport Authority Board Meeting
Lincoln Airport – Board Room
Thursday, December 10, 2015
11:30 AM
A copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for public reference at the back of the Board Room

  1. Minutes of October 22, 2015 meeting
  2. Airline Reports
    1. Delta – Dawn Betz
    2. United Express – Jacque Hansen
  3. Air Service Committee Report
  4. Approve Professional Service Contract for Lobbying Services (Mueller Robak)
  5. Approve Professional Services Contract with Leibowitz AMC, Inc. for Phase I, Passenger Facility Charge Evaluation
  6. Approve Communications Conduit License with NebraskaLink LLC.
  7. Approve Release of Easement and Covenant for Removal of Facility between City of Lincoln (LES) and Lincoln Airport Authority.
  8. Approve Landscaping Contract for Building No. 96
  9. Approve Commercial Net Building and Ground Lease with Brown Brothers Construction for Building No. 1138.
  10. Approve Commercial Ground Lease with SAE International.
  11. Approve Extension Agreement 1 with United Airlines
  12. Approve Extension Agreement 1 with Delta Airlines
  13. Approve 2016 Landing Fee Agreement with Trans States Airlines.

Staff Reports

  1. Treasurer’s and Financial Reports
  2. Briefing Items (Zoning Presentation)

Closed Session – Tenant Issues/Attorney Conflict of Interest on Same

  1. Ratification of Waiver of Attorney Conflict of Interest