The Lincoln Airport is looking forward to hosting the return of the Vietnam Veterans Honor Flight on May 1, 2017. We want to create the best possible experience for our honored veterans, their families and spectators at the welcome home event.

NOTE:  Parking space will be limited.  The close-in parking lots will accommodate approximately 1000 cars. Temporary remote parking lots are expected to add parking space for an additional 2500 cars.  The remote parking area will be as much as a mile from the airport terminal.

To ensure everyone enjoys a safe celebration we ask participants to follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Consider carpooling with others who are attending to reduce the number of vehicles onsite.
  2. Follow signs and directions from police and parking volunteers to the designated parking areas. Shuttles will be provided from remote lots to the terminal and outdoor welcome area.
  3. Remain in designated spectator areas. Approximately 1,000 people will be allowed on the first floor of the terminal. Others will line the parade route along the street to the north and west of the terminal. When all flights have landed, veterans will exit the terminal and turn right, walking along the street until they reach the Honor Flight buses near the exit gate. Only spouses, significant others and fellow Vietnam veterans will be allowed on the second floor of the terminal.
  4. Be patient and considerate of others before, during and after the event. Follow directions of police, staff and volunteers.
  5. Remove any trash and personal items from your area following the event.
  6. Outdoor concessions will be offered by the Boy Scouts.
  7. Drones are not allowed on Lincoln Airport property.
  8. Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed on Lincoln Airport property.
  9. Follow the Lincoln Airport on Facebook and Twitter for updated information.