Board of Directors

JOHN HOPPE, JR., Assistant Secretary
First appointed to the Board by Mayor Mike Johanns to fill an unexpired position in February of 1998. He was subsequently elected to the Board in May of 1999, and re-elected in May 2003, second term in 2009 and third term in May 2015, which term will expire May, 2021. John is the owner of Hoppe, Inc., a real estate development firm in Lincoln. Contact at: PO Box 6074, Lincoln, NE 68506, direct #402-437-9200, cell #402-432-6074, email:

Jim Lauerman



JIM LAUERMAN, Assistant Chairperson
Elected to the Board in May 2015, Jim previously served two terms starting in 1986. Jim is the retired Chairman/CEO of Bailey Lauerman, a Nebraska-based marketing/communications firm. He is an instrument and multi-engine rated pilot with over 3,000 hours in his logbook and a frequent commercial airline customer. Contact at: direct #402-525-9700, email:

Nick 2015




NICK CUSICK, Secretary
Mayor Chris Beutler appointed Nick Cusick to fill Dr. Ed Raines position until the term expired in May, 2013 and was elected for a six-year term in May, 2013.  Nick is CEO of Bison, Inc., a local manufacturer of sports equipment. Contact at: email:

Elected to the Board for a six-year term in May of 2011, which will expire May, 2017. Richard retired after 32 years of service as Lancaster County Treasurer from 1979 to 2011. He has lived in Lincoln since 1961, graduating from Lincoln Southeast High School and UNL. He served in the U.S. Navy for four years. Contact at: email:


BOB SELIG, Board Member
Appointed to the board by Mayor Chris Beutler to fill an unexpired position in February of 2017, Bob has a total of 40 years experience in the management and development of public airports and foreign trade zones.  During his career he managed airports in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Ohio. Bob is one of approximately 500 Accredited Airport Executives in the U.S. through the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and is a former president of the Great Lakes Chapter of AAAE, serving 12 states in the Midwest and two Canadian provinces. Contact at: email:



DAVID HARING, Executive Director for the Lincoln Airport Authority
David was appointed as the Executive Director of the Lincoln Airport Authority on August 29, 2014.  A native of Pennsylvania, David is a private pilot, a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives and a graduate of the University of North Dakota.  Prior to his appointment in Lincoln, David held a variety of positions at the Cheyenne Regional Airport in Cheyenne, WY, most recently serving as its Director of Aviation from 2007-2014. Contact at: email:


Senior Staff








BOB MCNALLY, Deputy Director – Operations






JON LARGE, Deputy Director – Engineering




JENNY EKELER, Deputy Director – Administration

You may contact the Lincoln Airport Authority at: or